The Mowers Clan

The Constitution & Bylaws of The Mowers Clan:

The Constitution & Bylaws of The Mowers Clan


Section 1: Name

The name of the organization shall be The Mowers Clan, also referred to as [TMC] or TMC.

Section 2: Purpose

The Mowers Clan is organized exclusively as a social club for members who desire to engage in and promote video games, technology and associated hobbies.

The Mowers Clan aims to promote the common good and general welfare of the TMC community and the gaming community as a whole by way of social and community interaction online, sharing of resources and through public and private events.



Section 1: Eligibility for Membership

The application for membership shall be open to any person in good standing with TMC Leadership. The Chairman reserves the right to deny membership, or suspend, or terminate membership at anytime, at his sole discretion, if determined that it is for the good of the organization.

Requirements for applying for membership are:

1. Submission of a properly completed application form
2. Read, understand and accept these rules/ bylaws
3. Payment of annual dues
4. All members must be at least 18 years of age.

Steps to becoming a member are:

1. Apply for membership to the local chapter leader (see members list to find out who the Chapter leaders are).
2. Chapter Leader will review the application, and if deemed acceptable will forward to the Chairman.
3. Membership shall be granted following approval via membership review conducted by the Chairmain, with review input provided by the board of directors.

Following approval by the Chairman, the Chapter Leader may initiate the member into their chapter by way of an initiation ceremony of their choosing.

Section 2: Types of Membership

Prospect - An acquaintance or person interested in participating in TMC but that is just getting to know the organization and not yet ready to join. 

TMM Member - The first level of membership. TMM members have passed the first level of approval by current voting members and are expected to use [TMM] tags attached to their online personas. 

TMM members will be granted new rights and privileges to go with their new title, including access to certain forum areas that are off limits to the public and prospective members that have not yet obtained TMM status. 

TMC Members - TMC members have been awarded full membership rights and are expected to wear the TMC tags attached to their online personas. Full TMC members are full fledged members of TMC and are expected to act as such. TMC members that pay their dues will be given voting rights as well as access to restricted areas of the forums, and preference over TMM members, and non-dues paying members when deciding access to limited seating events, or other opportunities. 

TMC Chapter Leaders - TMC Chapter leaders are responsible for running a Chapter which is a group of members, usually loosely based around a specific geographic region. Members of a Chapter are to defer to their Chapter leader for group decisions and conflict resolution. Chapter leaders should plan and organize in-person group meetings and hangouts for their Chapter members at least once a month. Chapter leaders are also responsible for ensuring that their Chapter members follow the rules and guidelines of the organization. 

TMC Board of Directors - The TMC Board of Directors are responsible for overseeing the Chapters and making overall policy decisions about the direction of the organization. 

TMC Chairman - The Chairman is the leader of TMC and has final say and veto power over all matters. 

Section 3: Applying for Membership

Part 1: Become a prospect 
To become a prospect you must first introduce yourself, or be introduced by a current member. You must then begin participating by posting on the forums, attending events, using the TMC voice chat etc. If after getting to know the current members, the prospect would like to proceed to th next step in the membership process, they may apply to be a prospective member, known as a TMM member. 

Part 2: TMM Membership
To apply, a prospective member must go through a trial membership process where they become known as a “TMM” member. This starts when the prospective member goes to the TMC website and fills out the form located here:

Upon receiving this application members of TMC with voting rights will cast votes as to whether or not the prospective member will be granted TMM membership status. 

If the vote passes by a simple majority within the span of three days then then the prospective member is granted TMM status. TMM members are expected to use [TMM] tags attached to their online personas. 

TMM members will be granted new rights and privileges to go with their new title, including access to certain forum areas that are off limits to the public and prospective members that have not yet obtained TMM status. 

Part 3: TMC Sponsorship
After a member has had TMM status for at least 3 months, they may be sponsored for full TMC membership. 

If the TMM member would like to proceed to full TMC status they must find a full TMC member to sponsor them. The TMC sponsor is responsible for ensuring that the TMM member they are sponsoring knows, understands and abides by the rules of the organization. The TMC Sponsor is also responsible for getting the TMM member up to speed on TMC history and any customs of the organization or the Chapter they are joining. The TMC sponsor will be held accountable along with the TMM member for the actions that the TMM member performs after becoming a full TMC member. 

Part 4: TMC Membership 
To obtain full TMC status a TMM member together with their TMC sponsor must approach the leader of the Chapter they which to join and ask for permission to apply for TMC status within their Chapter (the Chapter leader has authority to make this approval on their own, or can choose to put it up for a vote within their Chapter). If the Chapter / Chapter Leader approves they will then talk to the Chairman. If the Chairman approves, the applying member will be initiated as a full member of TMC.

Section 4:
Annual Dues

The Annual Dues shall be determined by the Board of Directors, at their sole discretion, and shall on occasion be modified to reflect proper fiscal responsibility in keeping the Organization vibrant. In addition, the Board of Directors, from time to time may consider other types and forms of services, subscriptions, or similar, whereby they will determine and set the necessary fees.

Annual Dues: The initial annual amount for dues, for Members, shall be $40.00 per year.

Annual Dues are due and payable, annually, on the anniversary date of the initial membership or initial dues payment. Continued Membership, in good standing is contingent upon being up-to-date on dues.

Section 5:
Rights & Limits of Members

Every Member, in good standing, shall have the following rights and limits circumscribed to their membership, as described in this Section.

Voting: Every Member, in good standing, shall be eligible to cast a vote anytime in which the Chairman and/or Board of Directors calls for a vote among the membership.

Participation: Every Member, in good standing, shall be eligible to participate in the discussion forums, the membership meetings, and other subsequent activities and formations that might occur.

Section 6: Resignation and Termination

Resignation: Any Member may resign his membership at anytime by filing a written request with their Chapter Leader, who will then notify the Chairman / Board of Directors.

Termination: A Member can have their membership terminated by the Chairman / Board of Directors at anytime, without notice, and at its sole discretion, if viewed as for the good of the Organization.



Section 1: Regular Annual Member Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Members shall take place in the month of February, on a date determined by the Board of Directors.

During the Annual Meeting of Members the Members shall receive reports on the activities of TMC to include a year-end financial statement, current balance sheet, budget for the succeeding year, membership report, and other such reports that the Board of Directors or Chair feel are necessary to keep the membership adequately apprised and informed of the Society's condition and continuing intent.

Section 2: Special Meetings

Special Meetings may be called by TMC Leadership.

Section 3: Notice of Meetings

Each meeting shall be properly announced by way of Facebook, or TMC website/ forums not less than one week prior to the meeting.

Section 4: Quorum

The Members present at any properly announced meeting shall constitute a Quorum, as long as the other requirements in Article IV Section 6 are met.


Section 1: Board Role, Size, and Compensation

Board Role: TMC shall be governed by the Clan Leader (aka Chairman) with help from the Board of Directors (consisting of 5 Members, the Officers), subsequently called 'The Board.' The Board is responsible for overall policy and direction of the Clan, and shall delegate responsibility of day-to-day operations to the Chapter Leaders and Committees.

The Board is to formulate strategies, policies, and related management items to implement within the organization. The Board is also empowered to enforce rules, and policies and ensure that each Chapter is operating in a positive way consistent with the values of TMC. The Board can also help make branding and design decisions that will be handed down to the Chapter Leaders for implementation in their Chapters.

The Board is responsible for the daily interaction with, and management of the Chapter Leaders, and Committees, and to commit to and transact all normal Business Operations at such times that the Board is not convened and in session, fully acting toward the benefit of the Board and Society in general.

Board Size: The Board shall consist of 5 members. These Board Members shall be:

1. Chairman / President

2. First Vice-Chair / Vice-President (The Right Hand)

3. Second Vice-Chair / Second Vice President

4. Senior Director

5. Director

This shall constitute the Board Membership and comprise The Board.

Compensation: The Board Membership shall not, at anytime, receive any compensation for their services.



Section 1: Committee Formation

The Board or Chair may create Special Committees as needed. The Board Chair appoints all Committee Chairs. The Board or Chair, respective to which created the Committee may determine the criteria for other Officers or Membership of any Special Committee.

Section 2: Standing Committees

Membership Committee: The Membership Committee is responsible for surveying current Members of their interests and concerns relative to their Membership in the Organization. The Membership Committee shall develop, execute and employ new membership strategies to enhance the Organization's offerings for both current Members and prospective Members. The Membership Committee shall encourage Membership participation in all of the Organization's programs and activities. The Membership Committee shall work with other such Committees as deemed appropriate.


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