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House of the Dying Sun

Game: House of the Dying Sun
Platform: Steam
Developer: Marauder Interactive, LLC
Publisher: Marauder Interactive, LLC
Date Reviewed: 06/09/2016
Reviewed by: [TMC]Quicksilver6

House of The Dying Sun is a short, sweet space sim in the style of a quicker, simpler Tie Fighter. There's little downtime, missions can be restarted quickly, controls are very simple and have no special keys involved, and you never get bogged down in any complicaitons.

The controls are very simple, and don't require any special commands or fiddling with the function keys. Keyboard hand is throttle, orders, and switching weapons, mouse hand is firing, flying and targeting. You eventually unlock other fighters and capships, but you never leave your interceptor. You can edit the loadouts of all of your ships, including the capitals, which usually makes or breaks your attempts to succeed.

The weapons selection is rather sparse. 2 main weapons, 3 secondaries, 1 special for fighters, just the mains and secondaries for cap ships. That said, changing weapons makes a huge difference in your effectiveness and needs to be considered based on the mission. Some weapons are hopeless against shields, others don't penetrate hull or capship armor well. You can also select 2 perks for each class, from simple armor and shield upgrades to sentry robot hacking and mini-warp jumps. These have to be unlocked, though, and aren't immediately available.

The missions are short, sweet, and replayable at several difficulty levels. They don't have the downtime of older games where you had to accelerate time for long stretches at a time- missions rarely last more than 5-10 minutes win or lose, and can be quickly restarted if you're unhappy with something. I know we all hate comparisons, but think more Hotline Miami rather than IL-2. Short, quick, easily replayable and easy to change your loadout and strategy if you're struggling.

You can choose to replay any mission at any time, and you usually have a choice of missions you can pick. The briefings are short text explaining your main and bonus objectives. The main objective is the bare minimum you need to unlock more missions. The Bonus objective unlocks Favor, the game's currency, which unlocks more perks for your ship. Currently I would say the game is a bit too easy, especially once you unlock all your escorts and weapons. That said, Hard mode with no shields is quite a rush.

Overall, a simple, but excellently crafted game that doesn't get bogged down with unnecessary complications. No downtime, just action.

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