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Homefront The Revolution

Game: Homefront The Revolution
Platform: Steam
Developer: Dambuster Studios
Publisher: Deep Silver
Date Reviewed: 10/14/2017
Reviewed by: [TMC]Quicksilver6

The first Homefront was a complete garbage Battlefield Wannabe. This game apparently got the message that people did not want BF lite, and instead turned this game into Far Cry: Red Dawn Lite Edition. It's a huge improvement, and while not one of the all time greats, is at least fun and worth getting on sale.

Obviously it's not as good as an actual Far Cry - more limited weapon selection, smaller maps, less upgrades overall, just to give examples. That said, there's way more to do than the first Homefront, less embarassingly awkward "Press F to hide in corpses in front of the Walmart" moments, and generally doesn't waste your time - no time to think how stupid this whole story is, you've got to get on your motorbike and blow something up!

It's a fun but forgettable open-world FPS. You get the guns to do the missions to get the upgrade points to get more of the guns to do more daring missions. Your weapons are rather anemic to begin with but can be upgraded with KPA points, or modified in the field to have 3 variants each. As in, you take your pistol, remove the receiver and put on a silenced pnemuatic receiver instead. You have a variety of IEDs (referred to as the Guerilla Tool Kit) that start at boring ol' molotovs to RC cars with an emp grenade that can convert drones to your side.

No open-world co-op, but it does feature Far Cry 3-esque missions set on the single player maps with up to 4 players. You create a character who then does missions and gets xp/money, replacing the single player tech point upgrade system. Also you can choose a character class with a starting bonus, including Timesplitter (STOP TAUNTING ME, DEEP SILVER!) and Game Developer. Not many people play, but fun with friends and features pretty much all the features of the single-player game. Not sure why open-world Co-op was not an option, but it makes a good Payday 2 Lite.

In short, pretty much the definition of a fun but forgettable 7/10 game. Get on sale - not a 30 dollar game by any stretch of the imagination, but genuinely fun if you get it 10 USD or under.


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