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Death Road To Canada

Game: Death Road to Canada
Platform: Steam
Developer: Rocketcat Games, Madgarden
Publisher: Rocketcat Games
Date Reviewed: 07/24/2016
Reviewed by: [TMC]Quicksilver6

Great game, distinct from The Organ Trail despite the same overall concept. This is more of a frenzied sprint rather than The Organ Trail's marathon - instead of distance, you have 15 days of driving from Florida to Canada. You need gas, food, and whatever you can get your hands on. Good luck, godspeed, try not to die.

Exploring points of interest makes up a majority of the gameplay and is very action oriented. You can choose who goes out, and then the scavenging party goes of to a randomly generated SNES style action map level, very distinct from OT's EGA emulation.

Shooting zombies was the main defense in OT. While that's an option here, there's a huge emphasis on melee, knocking down enemies, and mobility - running past zombies RE style is usually your best option when scavenging. You and your buddies can die out there, you do not immediately get sent back to safety OT style after zombie contact. It actually takes being cornered or prolonged zombie contact to die, though, hence the mobility emphasis.

The only real complaint I have is that some mechanics may be initially obtuse, though you will probably be okay with this if you are a fan of rogue-likes that do similar things. For example, stats are hidden until you use them, which can be quite frustrating if you make assumptions or are gambling wildly on skills. I can't really say it's a negative as it does become more apparent over time who is good at what, or if you just make custom characters, but beware if it's your first time out!

In summary: good gameplay that's more active and engaging. Lots of game modes, easy to get in and out of, quite funny, great music, and gives me an odd River City Ransom vibe when scavenging, especially with some ai partners or better yet a second local player along.

Final note:
For the love of god, if you find a man dressed as Garfield, DO NOT TAKE HIM ALONG. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID. HE IS THE ANGEL OF DEATH AND MONDAYS.

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