engineering mockupsOver the decades, Truck Cab has learned that retaining in-house design and engineering is critical to a smooth design process and overall customer satisfaction. Through a process emphasizing customer dialogue, Truck Cab can take a design concept and deliver a first article for evaluation in as little as 150 days. Truck Cab utilizes the latest in 3D design software, while maintaining its ability to bring legacy data into the modern world. We can handle your engineering data no matter what format it's in currently.

Having a hand in the design process from the beginning gives Truck Cab a longer lead time to solve issues that arise, and it may help to avoid many problems entirely. It also gives us the opportunity to implement modern manufacturing techniques such as aircraft/automotive adhesives, hidden weld joints, and Cleco fastening that deliver a better product to the customer. We are also happy to assist in your development process with vendor suggestions, or to begin dialogue with vendors of your choice. engineering mockups

At Truck Cab, we do not believe that cabs are just metal boxes. Cabs should be safe places for occupants to work and interact with the technology they need to get the task done, all the while having the comforts operators have come to expect. We will work with electronic controls, HVAC, sliding window assemblies — whatever you need to assist in getting the product that you want. We are also familiar with the preparation for frontal crash testing and FMVSS-206 door lock validation.

engineering mockupsThroughout development, after a product has been designed, and as it matures throughout its life, Truck Cab is committed to providing our customers with up-to-date information on their product. We keep 3D models of all our products up-to-date, and are ready to share them with whomever you desire.

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