Fire Cab

Truck Cab is one of the oldest, independent manufacturers of fire apparatus cabs in the country, providing cabs for most of the major fire apparatus manufacturers. Through the years we have become known as “Cincinnati Cab” and have proven that we are capable of providing designs that are appealing as well as functional.

Truck Cab manufactures cabs out of steel, aluminum, Galvanneal, and stainless steel. The aluminum used is first quality sheet and extrusion. The Galvanneal employed is two sided G- 60. When stainless steel is required, either 304 or C12 (Cromgard) is used.

Truck Cab has expertise in cab configuration design and management. This allows us to effectively manufacture a wide variety of product variations and make unique configurations without a hassle. This lets our customers order exactly what they need and have it show up on their doorstep ready to be integrated into their production.

Truck Cab is familiar with the following fire apparatus attributes:

  • 4 Door Configurations
  • 2 Door Configurations
  • Profile
    • Low Profiles
    • Split-Tilt
    • Various Cab Lengths & Heights
  • Roof Configurations
    • Flat
    • Dome
    • Notched (Valley)
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