TMC - The Mowers Clan - Gaming Organization


The Mowers Clan [TMC] was formed in 1999 and continues today as one of the primary (probably) gaming Clans in the Silicon Valley.


LAN Parties are a big part of TMC. Throughout the years TMC has participated in virtually every major LAN party in the bay area. TMC has hosted several of their own LANs, as well as provided staffing for many major LAN events. If you are a LAN organizer, TMC can offer LAN services that include loaner gear, network administration, server administration, PR, advertising, and sponsorships. 


TMC is actively involved with many aspects of the gaming and tech industries. Many of our members have participated in corporate focus groups for companies such as Nvidia, EA and Dell. 

Some members of TMC also work within the gaming, PC hardware, or tech insustries in some capacity.

TMC members regularly attends gaming events including PAX, press events for new games, and hardware announcements/releases.


While gaming is the central focus of the organization, building a community of gamers and friends is also a major aspect. In addition to gaming events, members of the clan do many other activities, including BBQs, hang out nights, and concerts.

So even if your gaming skills aren’t pro level, there is still a place for you in TMC if you are interested in gaming, and hanging out with cool like minded people.


The short answer is: because we "mow a path" of destruction through our enemies.

The long answer is: It all started out one night in 1999, when one of our friends was being an idiot and couldn't figure out a level on Star Craft.

The three friends went by the handles Warhawk, Wipeout and Manticore. The conversation went something like this:

Wipeout: "In the second Zerg level, how do I take the egg to the beacon?"

Warhawk: "Use the drone, they can carry stuff"

Wipeout: "Oh ok I didn't know they could do that. How do I get to the beacon?"

Manticore: "You just gotta mow a path"

Wipeout: "mow a path?"

Warhawk: "Yes, mow a path"

Wipeout: "How do I do that?"

Warhawk: "With the Zerg Mower of course. Don't be silly"

Wipeout: "huh?"

Warhawk: "Mow mow mow your drone..."

The conversation proceeded to deteriorate from there...

Eventually Wipeout realized that the only way to victory is to mow a bloody path through the hordes of enemies that face you.

The very next day, the three friends decided to form a clan. Based on the shennanigans of the previous night, the name The Mowers was chosen as the clan name and has endured ever since.

TMC - The Mowers Clan - Gaming Organization